Biketurner - built to last.

Made of mild steel and tested to over 450kgs, having additional security anchors at each end.
Smart powder coated finish in red

£235.00 including delivery.

We have purposefully avoided incorporating wheels into our design, as experience has shown that wheels can jam when even the smallest object gets under them.
The use of our hardwearing sliders enables smooth turning and at the same time pushing debris out of the way.


Assembling your Biketurner

1. Unpack the base and trough.
2. Ensure the area in which you choose to site your BIKETURNER is clear of debris and level.
3. Place the square base plate on the floor in the desired location. The base plate does not need securing  to the floor for effective operation.
4. You can use a little light oil to the base plate where the sliders run if you wish.
5. Using the 4 bolts supplied, fix the trough to the hexagonal platform.
6. Align the hole on the underside of the hexagonal platform and trough assembly with the peg sticking up from the base plate and lower the platform onto the base plate. It is important to ensure the peg and hole is correctly aligned.
7. Your BIKETURNER is ready for use.

Using Biketurner

Having put your Biketurner in place, position the channel in line with your bike's wheels and ride on to the Biketurner. Put your bike on its side stand and dismount.
Standing on the ground and to the left of your bike take hold of the left hand  handle bar in your left hand place your right hand on the pillion or rear of the bike.
Whilst pushing with your right hand, pull with your left, the bike will now turn. When you are ready to go out again, simply ride out.


It is quite safe to leave your bike parked on the Biketurner.


We recommend that you always lock up your bike and at least use the anchors on the Biketurner. We now have an Anchor to go with your Biketurner for maximum security. See our Ground Anchor page for details.


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